MIDDY QCurve Ready Tied Method/Wafter Hair Rigs: amo12 to 10.3lb (8pc pkt)

4,50 €

Q-Curve barbless hooks set new standards in hook-hold levels, thanks to their special curved shape. Once the fish is on, it's very unlikely to go anywhere other than your net. Made from 110 carbon steel with an anti-glint finish, Q-Curve hooks are Teflon impregnated to give a super-sharp long lasting point. These are tied to short 4 inch Lo-Viz hook-lengths with a twisted hair mounted with a band. The band size varies to match hook sizes. Q-Curve hooks are ideal for creating wafter presentations. Available in 10 to 10.3lb, 12 to 10.3lb, 14 to 8lb and 16 to 6.1lb.